Shane’s BMW

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Fun at GsWerks

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Period Correct.

Billy always loved Datsuns as a kid.  He bought his first Datsun, a 1974 620 pickup, from his cousin in law for a steal, only 500 bucks. Shortly after, he had his first son and it wasn’t long until the trucks small bench seat seemed too small to fit his wife and their rapidly growing son. Which brings us to this: One of the coolest 510′s we’ve seen in a while.

Datsun 510 side

Funny enough, he picke...

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Just drift: Drift for Haiyan Day 1

Here’s some coverage of day one at the JustDrift Drift for Haiyan charity drift event. Thankfully I was able to get out there and drive this event along side a group of good friends. It ended up raining for the first half of the day which made driving my underpowered KA pretty awesome. Overall the event was tons of fun and for a great cause, thanks to JustDrift for putting it all together! Media of day two at HTM will be up soon.


DSC_5984 DSC_5987 DSC_5994 DSC_6001 DSC_6007

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Formula Drift Round 7 Final Fight

Better late then never!Here’s a little media from Formula Drift Irwindale. Seein...

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Got Milt?

Here we have Milts Z, a pretty ridiculous one at that.

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Goon Lab Grand Opening

A group of our friends joined forces and opened the doors to Goon Lab, Sunday, August 4th.

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Top Drift Round 3 on the Streets of Willow

Saturday, July 13th marked an all day event for drivers to battle it out in Round 3 of the Top Drift competition.

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88Rotors x Illest Coverage

My morning started at 7 am to wash my daily driver, although its not very cool it’s a meet and I felt it should at least be clean. I met...

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The Ruined Rally Car

The title of this feature comes straight from Jaycee himself. He gets asked countless times why he ruined a rally car.

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